YOUR  time or THEIR time.

YOUR time marketing is a core philosophy at Insight Ag Marketing Ltd. While it may sound slightly illogical at first, hold your horses and let me explain.

For some, marketing is a predator vs prey game*.   A game of Cat and Mouse, Spy vs Spy.  Each player holding their cards close, unwilling to share anything. Someone is going to win. Someone is going to lose. Yet, this is often the least effective way to market your grain in the 21 century.  Things have changed.  For the better.

Nowadays smart marketers know the value of symbiotic relationships.  One where both parties benefit. This is not your father’s world. We live in the information age. Never before in the history of mankind has a single individual had access to virtually any information they want.  And it’s at your finger tips.  This is not the world of ME vs THEM. This is the world of ME and THEM.  YOU WIN, I WIN.  

 *Although this makes great movies. It makes terrible marketing decisions. 

YOUR time or THEIR time.  What does that mean? It means you only have two choices when you sell your grain; sell when you want to or when someone else is forcing you to. Too many farmers sell when the bills are due.  This is the worst way to market grain and what I call “Their Time” Marketing.   On the flip side we have “Your Time” marketing, a strategy that uses the the market and is not constrained by time.  When time is a not a constraint a producer changes roles from prices taker to price maker. Selling prices are on your terms not some external force. This is what I mean by YOUR time or THEIR time.

When you start marketing on YOUR time it changes everything.  Your relationships move towards win win.  Your decisions become smarter. Profitability goes way up.

Now this is just touching the surface, there is so much to learn and do.  Come along for the journey.

Together We Can Harvest the Seeds of Success