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The Unsung Hero

And they lived happily ever after.
Well, kinda but that was before the grain markets went wild & crazy.
Soon she was a 
damsel in distress locked in the terrible tower of market stress and uncertainty.

Will We Make It? 
She often wondered.

Stress and Farming Go Hand and Hand.
No Surprise There!

What isn't often discussed is the amount of stress that comes with job, not the workload but the emotional stress.

The extra weight added to your shoulders. 

It's like a scene from a movie where husband and wife sit around the kitchen table trying to figure out how not to lose the farm. The generational family farm which is only one payment away from bankruptcy.  Yes, that farm.   

They made it.

So will you.

Unfortunately, Insight Ag Marketing has seen this scenario before. Fast forward many years and those farms are still going strong. In fact, couples are enjoying each other, plus farming has become fun and rewarding.


No, Insight Ag Marketing is not some guru that made all the problems magically go away. However, they did help remove the stress points from the marriage and farm.

By implementing systems and strategies the weight of the grain markets will be lifted from your shoulders and his. 

Enjoy Farming Again!

Stress Less & Farm More.

3 Easy Steps


Step One

Market Assessment


Step Two

Implement Strategies


Step Three

Enjoy More Farming

Image by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙

We are GPS  for Grain Sales

Who is Insight Ag Marketing?

What To Expect

  • Peace of mind 

  • Quality marketing

  • No ulterior motives

  • Removes predatory behavior from "agents"

  • Bounce Ideas

  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Independent research

  • Contract navigation

  • Increased Profits

  • Improved Risk Management

  • Less Stress

  • Greater family harmony

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“I’ve known Greg for many years and our business dealings have been top notch.  Greg takes care of his clients best interests and understands and respects the need to provide value to his clients in an every changing and volatile environment!  I would recommend Greg’s marketing services!.”

-Jim Beusekom,  Owner Market Place Commodities 

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