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Week of Jan 6-2020



Greg | Insightag

Friday is USDA report

Have you locked in any 2020 crop yet?

Mar Canola @ 480 resistance line

Barley is strong Feb, Mar

Time to move bags!

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USDA Report

US Stocks % CHG. From year ago:

Corn 5%, Soybean DWN 13%, All Wheat DWN 9%

Winter WHT Seeding DWN 1% to 30.8 mil Ac.

Markets not surprised.

Weekly Market Change


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USDA Report

US Stocks % CHG. From year ago:

Corn 5%, Soybean DWN 13%, All Wheat DWN 9%

Winter WHT Seeding DWN 1% to 30.8 mil Ac.

Markets not surprised.


Jan 8

Greg | Insightag

Friday is USDA report

Have you locked in any 2020 crop yet?

Mar Canola @ 480 resistance line

Barley is strong Feb, Mar

Time to move bags!

Dec 16

Greg | Insightag

Borris Johnson won UK election= Brexit should happen

Argentina increased export taxes on ag.

Good news for Canada.  Target time.


Dec 6

Greg | Insightag

Stats Can. Canola DWN 18.6MMT; '18:20.3 Barley UP 10.3MMT; '18:8.3 Spring WHT UP 25.7 MMT; '18 24MMT.  Quality is still bigger issue.


NOV 19

Insightag | ALERT 

CN STRIKE = Not good

If you need cash in the next 90 days. Sell your Feed before market is flooded.

Nov 14

CHECK YOUR BINS!!! Canola has heated.

Uncertainty with harvested Quality & amount

Feed Prices seems toppy. Elevator grain seems low


OCT 30

So much uncertainty right now.  US/China trade talks. Brexit.

CAD minority gov. & Unknowns with harvest %.


Oct 10

USDA 19/20 World ending stocks Corn & Beans DWN and WHT UP.

Slight bullish factors for Canola and GRADEABLE wheat.

Oct 2

Combining Weather is coming! Canola triggering @ 10

Can. feed grain situation  AB & SK = LOTS. Expect divergence from US markets.

Sept 18

Prairies = Super High with Feed Grain.

Central AB HRS =  low proteins. Watch grade spreads.

Hearing reports of High ergot. 

Sept 11

Canada Election has been Called. Vote Oct 21

Canola is testing support lines.  Nov. 440

Feed Barley at  $3.75 FOB

Combine Weather is coming. 


Sept 4

P&H Buys Louis Dreyfus Canadian elevators.

Combines are rolling. Quality in Central AB seems lower.

Looking for 10 loads of Feed wheat $6. in yard for next week.


Aug 28

StatsCan -Spring wheat =25 MMT (Bearish) , Barley 9.6 MMT (Bearish), Canola 18.5 MMT (Neutral+) Don't worry. Market has already accounted for this.


Aug 22

Greg @ Insight Ag

I don't see deals like this very often.  GROW Season 2020: NEXERA PREMIUM OF TWO DOLLAR PER BUSHEL.

Erin @ Louis Dreyfus is paying $2/bu Premium


July 31

Greg @ Insight Ag

USDA Report

'19 US Corn production  DN 4% from '18

'19 US Soybean production  DN 19%

'19 US Wheat production  UP 3%


July 10

Greg @ Insight Ag

USDA= Spring WHT = DN 8%. Winter WHT UP 9%

Corn yield = 166, soybean= 48.5; hard to believe both #'s

Spring Wheat Basis opportunity soon ?


July 3

Greg @ Insight Ag

I drove to Saskatoon. Crops are below average. Not a wreck.

Austria bans glyphosate.

corn & beans  55% gd - exc. - historic low

June 20

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

China wants to buy a 25% stake in Russia's 3rd largest grain terminal.

Most of the Prairies had rain and more on the way.  Looking GOOD.

Majority of Soy and Corn will get planted, now we wait on yield data.

Old Crop feed prices are starting to converge with new crop.


June 12

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Central Alberta:  1 and 2 inches of rain on weekend.

Guys are out Spraying in full force.

U.S. and Mexico struck a deal on Friday to avert a tariff war.

USDA says 59% of corn is good to excellent.  83% Planted.

Smallest crop in 4 years = 13.6 Billion bushels.

Canada has shipped the most wheat to China in 14 years,

17 million tonnes.

Old crop Feed Grain is at record prices.

Things are looking Excellent. 


June 5

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

U.S. corn crop, or 29 million acres is still left to planted

Russian Wheat Production  82.6 MMT

BSE halts Brazilian beef exports to China

MAJOR Support @ $4/bu for corn.  The rough range2014 to now 3.31 - 4.05.

Opportunity: Old Crop Feed wheat & New Crop Barley.


May 29

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

EU Elections held. BIG win for Brexit Party.  A push for Britain to leave the EU by Oct 31.  Opportunity for Canada AG?

USA is WAY behind with Seeding.  Market has rallied on speculation. 

We Triggered some of the Fall 4.50 FOB Barley Targets. Call to see if you qualify. 


May 22

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Slowest Corn Planting since they started keeping records.

Most Guys in Alberta are at least 75% done seeding.

I think there is more barley seeded and less canola.

There are some stellar prices out there both old  and new crop.

May 15

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Jury awards $2 billion in third Roundup trial.

EXIT of short position by Speculators

USA is way behind on seeding. Expect below trendline Yields.  

Canola has massive support at 440 futures = $10/bu

Barley is 5.25 FOB if it moves next 2 weeks or 5 for June.


May 8

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

B.C Court is expected to set court dates today for Huawei executive

Canadian wheat exports increased 9.1% (StatsCan)

Canola Ending Stocks are expected to be up (3.4MMT, 2018=2.5).

Canola market is up again. Can 440 futures hold?


May 1

Serious political unrest in Venezuela - does not sound like it’s over.

Canola futures broke 440 technically not good. Mild support 430'sh

USA exported record amount of oil. 2990 (feb 2019) Thousand Barrels per Day, 1605 (feb,2018).

Barley is still at record high prices.  Currently way more downside risk than up.  Like a dollar a bushel down side.


April 24

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing


Stats Can Report April 24

All wheat 25.6 M.Acres - UP 1 M

Barley  7.2 M.Ac - Up 0.5 M

Canola 21.3 M.Ac - Down 1.5M

Peas 4 M.ac- Up 0.4M


April 17

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

NEW Provincial Government!!! Friendly to AG.

Russia wheat production approx.  87 MMT last year 71 MMT

Chinese pork prices are set to jump 70% from African Swine Flu.

2019 marketing is going to be a wild ride.


April 10

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

From here on out  the market will focus on new crop production.

World ending stocks keep growing.

USDA said Winter wheat was 60% good to excellent. Last year it was 30%


April 3

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Weather markets here we come.  Rain forecast in midwest got wheat excited. They will try to kill the crop. Remember US has 922 Million farm acres.

Bird Flu Outbreak In China. Brexit is not going well at all.

Old crop Barley bids have dropped 20 cents in some locations.


March 27

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Canola. has major support at the 450 range.  A very good sign.

New Crop barley prices are way down.  Old crop is about 5.25 FOB.  Expect market convergence  


March 20

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Alberta Election has been Called. April 16

Nice little wheat rally.  US-Brazil working on Ag trade deal.

US Flooding is a concern for winter wheat and spring seeding. 

March 13

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Spring has sprung.  The funds are at record short levels which means they pushed the market way down. Yesterdays rally was position covering.  Check your Bins and don't panic sell. Call me I have a plan.

March 6

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

Markets are waiting for U.S., China to close a Close. Nothing yet. Expect markets to drift lower the longer it takes.


China Blocks Canadian Canola Shipments From Richardson International. 

This is very serious, as it is 100% political. 

Time to Take advantage of current prices of Barley, Feed Wheat and Peas.  


Feb 27

Market Flash. Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing

US/China Deal and Briexit needs to be ironed out. 

US Wheat export behind, lots of cheap wheat in world.

Brazil is 45% done Soybean harvest. 20% higher than 2018.

Call 4035971769




Feb 20

Market Flash.  From Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing.

Stocks climbed to fresh session highs. 

Grain markets are down.  Wheat is down hard. About 20 cents in the last 2 days.  Chart says we are getting close to support. But…….


Is money just flowing from commodities to stocks? Or has something spooked the markets?


Brazil's soybean production down 4% to 114.6 million tonnes. High-level trade talks with USA & China that begin tomorrow.

USDA updates export sales data on Friday.


Feed Grains still have strong demand.  Both Feed Wheat and Barley are in the money making zone. 


Any Questions? Drop me a line 4037825488  or  4035971769


Feb 13

Market Flash.  From Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing.

Don't Forget Valentines day tomorrow!  Forgetting = Bad

USA government could possibly shut down again, unless a border deal is reached.  

Nice little rally on spring wheat.  March futures closed at 5.79/bu.  The chart says 5.80 is the support/ resistance..  A target of 7.50 for #1 HRS 13.5 might not be a bad idea. Is it time to caught up on sales?


Any Questions? Drop me a line 4037825488  or  4035971769


Feb 8

Market Flash.  From Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing.


US Crop Production 

Corn    176.4 Bu/ac = 14.42 Billion bushels  (lower than Trade guess)

Soybean    51.6 Bu/ac= 4.544 Billion Bushels (lower than Trade guess)

World Stocks   

Corn    Prod. Down 1.5 MMT to 1372 MMT - Ending Stocks =309.8 MMT (higher than Trade)

Wheat    Prod. UP 1.3 MMT to 733 MMT, yet  Ending Stocks is down by .6MMT =267.5 MMT  (Lower than Trade)

Soybean    Prod. 361 MMT; Ending stocks are down by 8.6 MMT = 106.7MMT (lower than Trade)


My takes is No surprises which is good.  I would consider this report to be neutral to slightly bearish.  It seems that the markets are primed for a weather market as demand is strong and any threat of supply problems will result in craziness. 

Reading between the lines the volatile with production issues could be magnified this year both up and down. 



I might have some more room for Barley Targets at $4.50/bu OCT/NOV FOB.    CALL ME ASAP..   

4037825488  or  4035971769


Feb 5

Market Flash.  From Greg @ Insight Ag Marketing.

Tuesday Feb 5 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig.

"The Pig is the last zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, indicating that this year will bring closure….."

"Pigs are a symbol of wealth and their chubby faces and big ears denote good fortune. …"

I have no idea what it means but the Chinese do, and it is important to understand something about their culture.


FEB 5 Stats Can Principal Field Crops

Canola: A record @14.6 MMT

Barley: A record @ 4.9 MMT

Non Durum Wheat is Steady @ 17.9 MMT

Looks like market already knew.   Lets see what happens when USDA comes out on Friday.

Jan 30

Market Flash.

US Gov is back to work. USDA report will be released FEB 8.  This is important as there has been no data since 2018.

Right now most of market mover stuff is all political.  Brexit, US China Trade talks, Political sanctions of countries and companies.   These are all very real and will affect our prices here at home.  

$11 Canola is still available, until there is some positive news I don't really see a reason for it to rally but I don't see it crashing either. 


Feed Barley Price is at highest since 2008:

Call to book some  4037825488

Jan 16

Market Flash.

Huge amount of Uncertainty.  US Gov is still shut down.  Britain is to leave EU in about 70 days (Brexit) Canada is heading into election year.  Nobody has a clue how these events will play out.   This should mean market volatility .

Time to get think about NEW CROP!!

Targets is the best way right now. 

Canola @ 11.25?? Wheat @ 7.50?? Yellow peas 7.50??


Jan 11

Market Flash.

USA government still shut down. There will be no reports.

Market on the week is basically flat.  No reason to change any targets.  I see that Cargill Crush is at 11.05 for April.    Remember to check your bins!!! 



Dec 20

Market Flash.


With this warm weather make sure you check your canola bins.  I have seen piles of it heating.

Dec 5

Market Flash.

Overview: G20 talks resulted in kicking tariffs down the road for 90 days.

Thoughts: Expect the unexpected. December can be a wild card. Traders are looking to cleanup positions and companies like to have coverage over Christmas.

A good idea to put some Canola targets in for around 11.25 Jan Feb Delivery.