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Office: Lacombe, Alberta.

Service Area: Western Canada

Grain Navigator

Finally, a Map and Compass. 

High Quality Knowledge though a unique perspective of the market.


Grain Navigator takes  a specialized approach to grain marketing by taking the known of the market and utilizing risk management, profitability, and a highly progressive system to create the ultimate guide.

DIY Navigator: The Grain Navigator minus the one on one market discussion

Grain Navigator is a Full Service Knowledge Pack.
Market Knowledge - its how the Best operate.

Services Delivered

Responsibility of Insight Ag Marketing
  • Market Assist 

  • Grain Navigator Publication

  • Unbiased Sounding Board

  • Market Discussion

  • Like having a Grain Marketing Doctor in Your Pocket

Expected Results

Rewards & Benefits
  • Financial ROI: $5 - $23 per acre

  • Personal: Stress Reduction

  • Business: Informed Decisions

  • Wise Decision Making

  • Peace and Comfort with Overall Market Conditions.

  • Prevents Recency Bias

Farmer Qualifications

High Quality Companies have High Standards

The Ideal Farmer is one who wants high quality knowledge and already has a marketing plan. Yet, would still like to be able to call a trusted advisor to answer questions and bounce ideas around.