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Grain Sales

Teaching Farmers How To Thrive

Grain Buying and Selling is a Specialized Service. 
The difference is in the Knowing.

Grain Sales

- Feed Barley-Feed Wheat-

-Canola-Wheat-Barley-Oats-Pulses-Off Grade

Why would you sell your grain through Insight Ag Marketing?

Good Question

Perhaps, its the fact that we recognize and understand the complexities and nuances of selling grain grown across the prairies.  


Maybe, You're one of the farmers who understands that the relationship with a buyer still pays huge dividends. 

Services Delivered

Responsibility of Insight Ag Marketing
  • Price Discovery. The BEST Price

  • Facilitation of the Trade

  • Trade Negotiations

  • Understands the "Fine Print"

  • Reasonable Fee Structure

  • No Tonnage based seller fees

  • No Silly Subscriptions

  • The WHY of the trade

Expected Results

Rewards & Benefits
  • Expect Insight Ag Marketing to be knowledgeable

  • Expect proper and timely communication 

  • Grain is Picked Up On Time

  • Grain is Paid for On Time

  • Grain is Traded at a Fair Price

  • If there is an Issue, it gets Solved.

Learn about the different types of contracts and how to make money with them.