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 Grain Sales 

Farm Gate Grain Prices.
Take a little time. It's worth it. 

Fact, it now costs over $500/acre to grow an acre of barley - a crop that used to cost only 300. Yet, you feel it's worth your time to beg for an extra 5 cents per bushel.

 I'm sorry those days are gone.

The market is moving so fast that 5 cents can quickly turn into 50 cents or even a dollar.

This is a huge opportunity, if done right.

This new era of market volatility will be sticking around from some time. Which means farmers will be forced to do their homework.  

Throwing your grain up on some online platform simply isn't good enough anymore.

These markets need mastering and that takes a lot of trade knowledge. Not the mechanics of trading, that's easy. 

Grassroots, hands on knowledge. 


This is what makes Insight Ag Marketing different from everyone else. Insight is the only one the does both trading and consulting.  Which give them a very competitive edge.

Click the button to get an accurate price for your grain 

Trust Insight Ag Marketing  for your
Grain Sales

Stress Less & Farm More.

p.s. If you're getting your prices directly from some website or text messages. You are missing out on thousands of dollars. It's in your best interest to talk to a real person. Everyone knows the money is in the knowing.  

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