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Growing Grain is Risky Business 

Selling it - Shouldn't be

Fact: Most Farmers Would Rather Drive Their Tractor Than Market Grain.

I know it sounds terrible. It's the truth. Farmers know how to grow grain. They are good at it. That's why they farm. They never wanted to be an accountant or lawyer; Forever a Farmer.

Most farmers would go crazy if they had to sit behind a desk all day and "watch the markets".

I know, because I talk to farmers all day, everyday. I have heard it all. 

Did I Make the Right Decision?

By far the #1 question that I get on a daily basis is:

Do I sell now or wait?

Who Cares! Are You Making Money?

Obviously, the objective of any sale is to make a profit. Of course in farming this is not always the case. There are so many factors outside of your control that sometimes a profitable price just seems unattainable.

Sometimes the difference is in the knowing.

Getting a grain price in 2021 is not hard. Most farmers probably get 10-20 text messages per day, just as many emails and phone calls. 


Price Discovery is not the Problem.


The Problem is what to do with all that info.

Take action now or later?

Selling Grain in 2021 can be very rewarding 

At Insight Ag Marketing Ltd we do grain marketing. From one load deals all the way up to full service marketing plans. Our business is the business of marketing grain at the farm yard level. We don't sit way up high in some ivory tower completely removed from the farm. We don't hide behind the computer and send out auction bids that companies use against farmers (a conversation for another time).   

We operate in a different space. Our approach is designed to provide the farmer with excellent value and we strive to create solid working relationships with all of our customers. Which is why customers and clients comeback year after year.  

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