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Office: Lacombe, Alberta.

Service Area: Western Canada

Market Assist

Help When Needed. 

Converting Data into Information. Quick Information and Pricing updates.


Market Assist is designed to keep farmers up to date with marketing news and general marketing information, composed of both Market Insights and Market Flash.

Market Insights is a combination of market information and professional grain marketing education. It is designed to teach farmers how to become better businessmen and wise marketers. (Via email)

Market Flash is designed to give a quick snapshot of the market. It may focus on an opportunity, something very important or perhaps a market alert. (Via Text Message)

Market Assist is a Free Solution. 
Cut the B.S - Market Information is Power.

Services Delivered

Responsibility of Insight Ag Marketing
  • Market Insights

  • Market Flash  

  • Insight Ag Brokerage (Most Independents)

  • Trade Facilitation (Most Elevators; Fee Based) 

Expected Results

Rewards & Benefits
  • Fair Pricing

  • General Market Knowledge

  • Informed decision making

  • High level of Comfort with Marketing Decisions

Farmer Qualifications

High Quality Companies have High Standards

Anybody who has a financial interest in agriculture should be a participant in the Market Assist Program.  

It just makes sense to stay informed.