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Market Defender

Back pocket defense against market offence.

The Market Defender program is designed to address that one reoccurring question:

Am I making the right decision?

Market Defender

On Call Marketing Advice

Imagine having an industry expert in your back pocket at any time.

  • Have a question about a contract? Call him.

  • Have a question about the markets? Call him.

  • Have a question about market risk and profitability? Call him.

How it works

  1. Subscriber has question

  2. Subscriber asks question 

  3. Insight Ag Marketing answers question

  4. Subscriber has peace of mind  

Services Delivered

Responsibility of Insight Ag Marketing
  • On Call marketing advice

  • Help when you need it

Expected Results

Rewards & Benefits
  • Improved profits

  • Improved risk management

  • Peace of Mind

  • Education

Learn about the different types of contracts and how to make money with them.