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What's in Your Castle?

Is it Worth Defending?

You already have the skills.
What you need is a guide.

Grain Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important skills on the farm. Fortunately, most farmers already possess the basic skill set. Imagine how powerful those skills could be in the hands of a trained professional.


Over the years I have determined what grain farmers really need is a guide. Someone to help coach them through the selling decisions. 

Like GPS for Grain Sales.

Successful farmers don't pretend to know everything, they just know who to hire.

When you need an expert, hire one.


Your grain marketing decisions will make or break the farm. Guaranteed. 

We both know there are a million apps and information is unlimited.

The real question is not price, but rather is this a good decision or not. 

The Market Defender program is designed to give farmers an edge. By having access to an expert you will become a top grain marketer in no time. Plus, your wife will love you. 

Conquer the Market. Rescue the Princess

Purchase Market Defender

3 Easy Steps


Step One

Market Assessment


Step Two

Implement Strategies


Step Three

Enjoy More Farming

Stress Less & Farm More.

What To Expect

  • Peace of mind  (Guarantee)

  • Quality marketing

  • No ulterior motives

  • Removes predatory behavior from "agents"

  • Bounce Ideas

  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Independent research

  • Contract navigation

  • Increased Profits

  • Improved Risk Management

  • Less Stress

  • Greater family harmony

What You Get

  • Regular phone call every 6 weeks to discuss YOUR Grain marketing plan.

  • Assist in evaluation of market opportunities

  • Anytime questions answered

  • Peace of Mind Guarantee

  • Passive Participation

  • Grain Navigator 

  • Market Flash to email 

  • Market Defender Bi-Annual Strategy 

  • Market Defender Self Directed Strategy

  • Smart Selling Contract Evaluation Worksheet

  • Smart Contracting Full Version 

  • One on One Conversation 

Schedule a Conversation


“I’ve known Greg for many years and our business dealings have been top notch.  Greg takes care of his clients best interests and understands and respects the need to provide value to his clients in an every changing and volatile environment!  I would recommend Greg’s marketing services!.”

-Jim Beusekom,  Owner Market Place Commodities 

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