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Harvest The Seeds of Success

It's the way Insight Ag Marketing operates.  

It's taking something from the very beginning and seeing it through to the end. 

It means taking a profit.

It means putting in the effort.

Doing everything possible to ensure success.


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In 2008 Insight was founded as company dedicated to grain marketing. Services range from traditional buying and selling; to digital publications; all the way up to comprehensive strategic farm business services.  Insight is probably the only company in Canada that is intentionally designed this way.  This design enables Insight Ag Marketing to offer services that are incredibly effective and profitable.  


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Through out his whole life Greg has been drawn to agriculture.  In college he studied Agronomy; however, the markets intrigued him. After college he studied more and earned an agricultural economics degree and has been involved in the markets ever since. 



Ever since Bailey was a wee little one she dreamed of helping and serving people. Her dream became a reality when she was offered a full time position as HR manager.

Bailey enjoys chasing things, being petted and of course long walks. Her main goal is to make sure everyone is her friend.  

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