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  • What does Insight Ag Marketing do?
    A company that helps farmers sell their grain in a complex world. Basically, we help farmers make more money then they would otherwise. Effective and profitable grain marketing is a full time job. It's what we do.
  • Money Questions - Grain Sales?
    Q. Who pays the farmer? A. The company to whom the grain is contracted to. ie. Insight Ag Marketing DOES NOT pay the farmer. Q. Is the money good? A. Yes. Insight Ag Marketing does its best to ensure that the purchaser has a excellent payment history and in most cases is licensed and bonded. However, It is the farmer's responsibility to do their due diligence. Q. Who Pays Insight Ag Marketing? A. Unless, otherwise specified the farmer does not pay any tonnage based fees. Most fees are service based. ie. There will be no surprise bill coming in the mail. Q. Discounts - Grain Sales A. In all cases destination discounts and dockage apply. It is the farmer's responsibility to do their due diligence and keep accurate load samples. Fun Fact: Since 2008, Insight Ag Marketing has NEVER brokered a deal where the farmer did NOT get paid. This is so rare it is an anomaly within the grain brokerage industry.
  • Services Rendered
    1. Digital publications designed to keep farmers up to date and informed. 2. Grain sales. Help farmers sell their grain to a select number of purchasers. We deal in most grains grown across the Canadian Prairies. 3. Professional Services. Help farmers with all the complexities of a grain marketing. We create professional plans and profitable strategies.
  • Cancellation of Services
    Q. How to cancel a service? A. Send a quick email. Click here to cancel. Q. Reimbursement of cancelled services*? A. There is no reimbursement. Insight Ag Marketing LTD. reserves the right to cancel a subscription or service without remuneration.
  • Privacy
    Your infromation will not be shared with third parties.
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