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We Help Farmers Sell Grain

Stress Less & Farm More

2024 Product Offering

Grain Market Coaching

Your Trusted Guide

  • A System Designed around Profitable Risk Management. 

  • Regular phone call every 2 weeks to Strategize YOUR Grain marketing plan.

  • Assist in evaluation of market opportunities

  • Anytime questions answered

  • Timey Information

  • Designed around the 20% Rule.

  • Creates a standardized grain selling strategy.

  • Creates an extremely profitable grain selling strategy.  

  • Keeping Your Grain Marketing on Track. You are 100% in Control. 

Market Assist

  • Sometimes You Need Just a Little Extra Traction  

  • Assist in Evaluation of Market Opportunities

  • Two Strategy Sessions per year (Nov/Dec & April)

  • Timely Market Information via Grain Navigator Newsletter

  • Answers your questions regarding Grain Navigator 

  • Help Facilitate the Selling of Grain.  ie. right tool for the job.   

  • Zero Brokerage Fees if traded VIA Insight Ag Marketing 

Front Wheel Assist for Grain Marketing

*Market Assist is designed for Information and Answers. It is not designed for Strategy. 

Insight Ag does not actively engage in your marketing plan 

Intelligent Grain Sales

Accurate Farm Gate Prices 

  • Feed Grain Brokerage (License & Bonded Only)

  • Complete Contract Accountability    

  • Explain Grain Elevator Contracts

  • Accurate and Real Pricing

Free Marketing Newsletter (blog)

Market Insights

  • Quick and Easy to Read

  • How to Understand the Grain Markets

  • Tips and Tricks

Why Should Google and Facebook get all the advertising Dollars?

Referral Program 

  • Know a farmer? Pass their name along. 

  • Earn Some extra cash.

What To Expect

  • Peace of mind  

  • Quality marketing

  • No ulterior motives

  • Removes predatory behavior from "agents"

  • Bounce Ideas

  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Independent research

  • Contract navigation

  • Increased Profits

  • Improved Risk Management

  • Less Stress

  • Greater family harmony

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“I’ve known Greg for many years and our business dealings have been top notch.  Greg takes care of his clients best interests and understands and respects the need to provide value to his clients in an every changing and volatile environment!  I would recommend Greg’s marketing services!.”

-Jim Beusekom,  Owner Market Place Commodities 

Ps.  Take a moment to read some blog posts at Market Insights.

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We are GPS  for Grain Sales

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