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Refer & Earn

Know a Grain Farmer?

Get PAID for Successful Referrals 
PAID for Qualified Leads  

Super Easy! Click button. Fill form. 

$250 for each successful Market Coaching Trial Signup.

Plus a $500 bonus if farmer signs up for one year!

Ideal Farmer:

  • A Grain Farmer

  • 1000 acres plus

  • Farm in Alberta, Saskatchewan

  • Passionate about Their Farm

  • Passionate about Agriculture

  • Would like more money

  • Your name will be mentioned to the farmer as referrer 

Get Paid For Qualified Leads:

  • Get Paid $100 for every 10 qualified leads. 

  • Submit 10 qualified farmers and Insight Ag Marketing will pay $10 per lead. 

  • A qualified lead is one that meets the criteria of Ideal Farmer.

Image by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙

We are GPS  for Grain Sales

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