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Optimize grain sales.  

Make more money. Have less stress.  

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20% Rule

Finally, A Way that Standardizes and   Professionalizes Grain Marketing.

Fact: The majority of grain is sold in the Bottom Third of the market.

We Fix That.

Who Its For

  • A farmer who feels overwhelmed with grain marketing.

  • A farmer who wants to improve profitability.

  • A Farmer who does not have enough time.

  • A Farmer who does not enjoy marketing and would rather do something else.

  • A Farmer who feels they are missing out on grain marketing opportunities.

  • A Farmer who wants expert unbiased advice.

  • A farmer who wants to ask questions and “throw around ideas”. (no more pestering others) p.s your wife will love this. 

Why It Works

A System Designed around Profitable Risk Management. 

Ask Better Questions. Get Better Results.

In 2022 Insight Ag Marketing beat the average market by $111 per acre.

In 2023 it is expected to beat the average market by $85/acre*.  ie. 1.2 Million Profit vs $763,000 Profit

See How Insight Ag Marketing Compares:

How to Sign Up

Click the Start Now button and fill out the form. 

We will call you and schedule a proper business call. 

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