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Without a doubt grain marketing has entered a new era.


For the farmer who is unprepared, expect sleepless nights and millions of dollars lost.


However, those farmers who hire Insight Ag Marketing will enjoy farming and make a lot of money.


Insight Ag Marketing understands this new era.

GPS Guidance For Grain Sales

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Insight Ag Marketing works for the client.

Advice is always  in the best interest of the the client.

Marketing mistakes cost farmers a lot of money, time and stress. Most of these mistakes could have EASILY been avoided with one quick call to Insight Ag Marketing.   

Save Time

Reading and evaluating the market should take at least 2 hours each day.


Calling Insight Ag Marketing will save weeks of precious time. 

The average farmer could easily spend 500 Hours. Even at $25/hr, the cost is at least $12,500.

More Money

The market either moves for you or against you. A single move could make the farm 100 grand or more.


How does one decide what to do?


Proper risk management and speculation will WIN.  Done right the farm will make more money year after year.